Leader Training Day

Before the I Can Run Club had it's first session I wanted to make sure my run leaders understood what my vision was. I set up the I Can Run Club specifically for women who are nervous about stepping into the fitness world. Whether because of body confidence, anxiety or just nerves I know from experience that joining a fitness or running group for the first time is nerve wracking.

The Run Club Leaders are a very special bunch of friends - some of which I've known for over 20 years! All of them have experience of running - whether just beginning, the London Marathon or Ipswich's own hilly half marathon - they all know and understand the joy and the sometimes the difficulties of running. Each has struggled to get out the front door or to believe truly they can achieve or have returned from injury. They all bring a unique and special experience to the Run Club. 

They understand my vision for exclusive, fun, non-judgmental sessions, the importance of small achievements and for no-one to get left behind. 

They have been with me very step of the way - encouraging me to continue with my crazy idea's, just as friends should. That's why I know they'll be with you every step too.