We became a Community Interest Company in April 2019.

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We offer several courses and sessions. Please scroll and read what may be most suitable for you at this time. We always welcome women back to our beginners sessions even if they’ve completed them before - sometimes life just gets in the way! Click on any of the blue highlighted links to be taken to our booking page on Run Together.

I Can Run NOW - A six week beginners run/walk programme for ALL women of any shape, size, ability and background. When courses are open for booking they will be available HERE

I Can Run THIRTY  - An 8 week programme that aims for 30 minutes of non-stop running. Suitable for beginners who already have a good fitness level and competent runners returning from injury. All courses will be bookable HERE once they are open.

Free Runs - A FREE Run Leader led group run/session. Usually running or run/walking for up to 40 minutes per session. Sometimes we may throw in a hill or sprint session ;-) Read all about them HERE.

I Can Run FASTER - A 4 week improvers programme for runners and jeffers who are running 4/5k regularly and are looking to learn how to improve your times. All courses will be bookable HERE once they are open.


All our sessions will always have a warm up and cool down and at least two run leaders (in green t-shirts) to support you. If we are running all together - there will be a run leader at the back to ensure no-one gets left behind.

Comfortable running shoes and clothes and ideally a good sports bra are needed for all our courses and sessions. If you haven't got these things, don't worry, we're not a super sporty bunch of lycra clad women who will make you feel uncomfortable. We just want you to get here - that's the most important thing. However, poor/old trainers can be uncomfortable and lead to injury in time so do look into getting a new pair!
If you’re nervous about joining us, you definitely won't be the only one! It's completely normal to be nervous - it's a big step.

We have some VERY special I Can Run Leaders #TeamGreen (in green t-shirts) with us every week who's sole purpose is to ensure you have a good time and feel comfortable. Approach one of them and explain you are nervous.

If you sign up for our running courses - there’s a shiny medal for you at the end to celebrate your hard efforts!

I Can Run NOW

£25 for 6 weeks and you're guaranteed to feel epic by the end of each session!

Our passion is for absolute beginners, those who have not exercised for some time, or are nervous about exercising. However, the plan is designed in a way that those who already have a good level of fitness will benefit too. This course is the perfect first step into running for the absolute beginner.

We believe that ALL women - regardless of their size, ability or age can run and feel great doing it. That includes you too!

If you’re nervous, our beginners sessions are perfect for you. We don't shout at you to go faster or tell you you're not trying hard enough - we're here to support you and make sure you have a positive experience with us. We all started somewhere. Also, we're all really normal and like you, are women of all ages, shapes and abilities.
Not everyone is able or wants to run non-stop, We share the run/walk method created by Olympian Jeff Galloway (we call it Jeffing!) we find it best for everyone to step into running with. If you want to challenge yourself afterwards with running non-stop - that's Brilliant! We just want you to keep running and being active - however you do it!

Courses will be bookable HERE once they are open.


We’ve had so many enquiries about providing a non-stop running course that we decided to pilot our own early in 2018. The participants on our pilot all had great results and it was decided we would launch it as one of our regular courses.

It’s an 8 week programme based on the NHS 'Couch to 5k' and adapted by us designed to help you achieve 30 minutes of non-stop running in 8 weeks. Working by running and walking for set times each week, the running gets longer and the walking parts get shorter as you get fitter and stronger each week. There is an expectation that you will do two extra runs each week as 'homework' and you are welcome to join our 'free runs' to do this. As we are all about empowering women to do well, there is no issue if you do need to walk extra in any of the sessions, we won't shout. You're the boss of you. Oh! And of course ... you'll get a shiny medal at the end too!

Couch to 5k is traditionally a beginners programme but we feel you need to already have a good fitness level to completed the course successfully.

Courses will be bookable HERE once they are open.


Despite what the name suggests this course isn’t just about running quickly! Each week will see you learn more and more about your running technique, enabling you to run more efficiently. Using drills and short exercises to practice what you learn, after four weeks - you’ll be amazed at the difference!!

Courses will be bookable HERE once they are open.

But I've got questions!
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