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I Can Run Community Interest Company is a unique women only running group. We believe that all woman - regardless of their size, shape, age, ability or background should have the opportunity to run and progress with like-minded women. We're proud to announce that we are now partnered with Sport England's 'This Girl Can' campaign. We all wiggle and jiggle too.

We have beginners courses in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Stowmarket, Needham Market and Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, UK, and use our beautiful local parks and green spaces to meet. Our beginners have a choice of two programmes to follow and a shiny medal to take home at the end! These sessions are suitable for absolute beginners, for those who haven't exercised for many years and for those who need a confidence boost to get out and exercise.

We are committed to making sure you have a safe, comfortable time with us during the six weeks of a beginners session too. We totally understand how hard it is to get out the front door sometimes and how easy it is to make excuses. We’ve all been there too.

We also have women only Free Runs and meet on weekday evenings, CLICK HERE for all the details. This group run is for those who have completed our beginners programme and those who can comfortably run or run/walk for 40 minutes.

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We can’t wait to meet you. 

Women only beginners sessions

Have you tried couch to 5k and given up? Have you looked at couch to 5k and thought it looked too much? Do you worry about activity after years of inactivity? Have you had a negative experience whist exercising? Do you think the front door is your biggest hurdle? Do you just want to get outside and move around? Did you used to be active and want to get back into it? Come and join us!

At I Can Run we offer a safe space for women to step into exercise and feel great. It's been our experience that sometimes women can feel shy and nervous about joining new groups or overwhelmed by the thought of a gym. We are women of all shapes, ages, abilities and backgrounds. We just want to be a bit a fitter.

We meet in a quiet area of a beautiful Suffolk park or green space for our run/walk beginners sessions. We believe that to run outside in all weathers is a beautiful thing and can help with the runners high- especially when we know we've done well despite the weather! It will also help you get used to running outdoors so you can go off and pound the streets when you like!

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Women only Free runs

*If you've completed our beginners sessions or you are already a confident runner then these sessions will help you build confidence, stamina and great new habit. Each week will be a different route. We may add in drills and hills for an extra work out too!

I'm keen to get women runners together. There's safety in numbers and I know that women find it hard to run outside on their own at night time. I've been there.

They're called Free Runs, because they're FREE - we just ask you to give us a donation when you can.



We embrace the method of running and walking at our I Can Run NOW beginners sessions and runners who run/walk are welcome at our Free Runs too. Olympian, marathoner and the founder of the run-walk-run method (www.jeffgalloway.com) is leading the revolution. We fondly refer to is as 'Jeffing'.

By incorporating planned walk breaks during your running you’re using different muscles which, in turn, prevents injury. The beauty of the run-walk-run (TM) method is that beginners, older people and heavier people can also achieve great things and experience those special hormones that result in a ‘runners high’. It results in masses of happy achievements and no injuries – what’s not to love?

We have lot's of non-stop runners who join us at our Free Runs too - come along and give us a try!



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