Beginners Graduation

The first beginners group have seen a catalogue of weather to mark each week! The first week, in September 2016 was so hot it was like running in a sauna - 28 degrees at 7.30pm! The next week we missed rain so heavy it caused traffic chaos all over town but gave us an incredible rainbow to run under! The final week, in October was very chilly - the coldest week yet and we all wrapped up warm to begin our session - although by the end we were glowing and flushed and didn't notice the cold at al!!

It's odd to talk about the weather first of all but it highlights to me that these brave women turned up week after week despite the weather. It would have been so easy to have stayed at home within our safe walls and skipped a week. Testament to them all for having the gritty determination to succeed. 

The aim of the course, on graduation is to have a timed run/walk to receive your medal. Well, EVERYONE succeeded and some did even more than they thought! 

These are some of the comments people have shared:

"I just want to say i have really enjoyed the past 6 weeks thank you Emma, I never expected to come out of it wanting to do more 5kms and looking at making running a "hobby"! I have met some lovely women and even on the Tuesdays when everything feels a bit much in regards to rushing and trying to get there for 6.30 I have always felt 100% better when I have finished than when I have pulled up in the car park! everyone is very supportive and its been a great experience!"

"I wouldn't have got this far without you and the group and the support and friendliness and lovely relaxed atmosphere. Love it! Am feeling very incentivised to keep going and maybe even do a park run soon..."

"Emma thank you. Without the group there is no way I would have been so happy to be running, I would have given up and not gone out. But I have been thinking and dreaming about running all week, I've got the bug now, I love it!"

Why not take the step and come and see for yourself?

emma talbot