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We believe that everyone regardless of their abilities should feel EPIC for their achievements. We know there'a a lot of you out there who may have lost their mojo or want to encourage the kids out in the cold or feel that joining us running is too much right now. So, we've come to you! We've had the FABULOUS Lulu Horsfield (@luluhorsfield_studio) design us a unique medal just for you. It's called a 'virtual' medal - not because it's not real - it is - but because you complete an activity of your choice and earn your medal through the post. SO, instead of lining up at a start line, you can totally do your own thing. Cool huh?


How does it work?

We'd like you to complete at least four activities in the month of December. These can be anything you set yourself - the gym every week, four runs, join a new class, workout at home, yoga sessions, take the kids swimming, take the family to park run - whatever you like - but make sure it's more than you usually do, so it's a little challenge. Some people may do four 10k runs and others may feel it's enough to walk around the block, the secret is, is that it's your secret. Of course, we love a selfie on Facebook while you're doing your activities or once you have your medal, but if you don't want to share - that's just fine.

Once you have completed your activities, email what you have done (you don't need 'proof', your word is enough) over to and once the elves have finished polishing your medal it'll be posted over to you! 

There's special offers for multiple medals so if you want to make it a family affair - here's your chance! All prices include postage :-)

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