We are a non-affiliated running club. Currently with no membership fees we offer a free run and low cost beginners sessions in Ipswich, Felixstowe and Needham Market.


Evenings for beginners in all locations. 

Tuesday evenings for our ICRc free run. 

Beginners meet at an outdoor space where there are usually loos and parking.

Tuesday free runners meet at 7.30pm on the pedestrianised area of Rope Walk, near the college. Free parking via Regents St. There are no facilities so come as you are (unless you pop into our favourite pub, The Dove) 

What will happen?

Beginners sessions will always have a warm up and cool down - to prevent injury and a run/walk session in the middle which will build over the six sessions. We always have a tail run leader who will look after those at the back. No-one gets left behind.

Tuesday free runners will have a warm up and cool down and will be different each week: a run, some hills, a challenge, who knows! We will always have a leader at the front to guide the way and a tail runner - no-one will get left behind. We welcome run/walkers and non-stop runners - we are open to any woman who wants to run with a group. We will run on paths so please wear reflective clothing and be careful crossing the roads! 

Who is it for?
Beginners: My passion is for absolute beginners, those who have not exercised for some time, or are nervous about exercising. However, the plan is designed in a way that those who already have a good level of fitness will benefit too. 

Tuesday free run: Those who can comfortably run or run/walk for 40 minutes.

What do I need?
Comfortable running shoes and clothes and ideally a good sports bra. If you haven't got these things, don't worry, we're not a super sporty bunch of lycra clad women who will make you feel uncomfortable. We just want you to get here - that's the most important thing.

What will I get?
Beginners: An exclusive six week training programme graduating with a shiny medal!

Beginners and Tuesday runners: Access to a private facebook group - where members can get to know each other better, share information and inspiration and meet up and go running together!

What if I'm nervous?
Don't worry, you definitely won't be the only one. It's completely normal to be nervous - it's a big step.

We have some VERY special I Can Run Club Leaders with us every week who's sole purpose is to ensure you have a good time and feel comfortable. No-one gets left behind.

Why run/walk?
Not everyone is able or wants to run non-stop, I discovered the run/walk method in 2014 and quickly realised it was the best running method for me. It's absolutely enormous in America with www.jeffgalloway.com leading the revolution but relatively unheard of here. I refer to it as 'Jeffing'. This is what I want to share. Our Tuesday free runs are open to 'Jeffers' and those who want to run non-stop.

But I've got questions!
It's fine, fill in the contact form and I'll answer them!

How do I sign up?
When our sessions are for sale, you can book via the 'shop' page. In the mean time, search for us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter.