We are a non-affiliated running club. Currently with no membership fees we offer a free group runs and low cost beginners sessions in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Stowmarket and Needham Market.

Find out about our courses and beginners running HERE.



Ipswich - Every Tuesday 7.30pm, Until Christmas, La Tour cycle cafe. Map HERE

Needham Market - Thursdays 7.30pm currently just term time. Crowley Park. Parking towards the top of Barrett's Lane.

Stowmarket - Thursdays 7.30pm currently just term time. Chiltern meadow, Rugby club. Loads of parking.

Felixstowe - Thursdays 7pm currently term time only. Meet at Cobbold's Point, near the Fludyers IP11 7LU. Park on the road.

Our free runs are for confident runners and those who have completed our beginners sessions. Please complete the Health and Safety form below and ensure you let a run leader know if you have any difficulties we should know about.

All our free runners will have a warm up and cool down and will be different each week: a run, some hills, a challenge, who knows! We post each weekend as an 'event' on Facebook so you always have access to whats coming up. If you're not on Facebook we always announce dates via the newsletter so do sign up for that!

At all our free runs we always have a leader towards the front to guide the way and a tail runner - no-one will get left behind. We welcome run/walkers and non-stop runners - we are open to any woman who wants to run with a group. We will run on paths so please wear reflective clothing and be careful crossing the roads! We just ask for a donation so we can continue to keep our runs free and train our run leaders.

Our runs are completely free and have no cost, we believe women should have free access to exercise with a group. We rely on our beginners sessions and the kind donations of our runners to help us keep going and train more leaders. If you'd like to donate - click below.